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Reasons Why the Members of the Advisory Council are Criminally Responsible

National Security Council (NSC) and the military staff were not the only ones who committed the crime of plotting a military coup and the crimes against humanity. It is known that in the process of Advisory Council elections, in accordance with the legal regulations made by the NSC, all candidates had applied to Governor Offices and the NSC through petitions on their own accords with free will, without any coercion. The members of the Advisory Council have, through such a will of participation, worked as members of a Constituent Assembly together with the members of the NSC, in accordance with the Decree No. 2839, although they did not have any such authority, and have thus participated in the appropriation of people’s will through a coup. Following the 1980 Coup d’État, they adopted the practices of the military governance without any objections to the military intervention, extrajudicial practices, tortures and other crimes against humanity. Therefore, the Members of the Advisory Council who were delegated by the National Security Council to form a government and accepted the task, and who have not intervened at the practices of torture although they should have had information about what had been taking place also carry the political responsibility of the crimes against humanity committed throughout the period.

All individuals who accepted any unusual political, administrative or judicial tasks during the September 12 and Martial Law Governance period, all such professors, provincial or district governors and judges also bear the political responsibility of the crimes against humanity, at least as much as the security and law enforcement officers.